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Empowering Academic Success with PDVL

At PDVL, we’re not your typical study abroad agency. Think of us more as educational program consultants. We don’t just recruit students; we create partnerships with top universities in the UK and Malaysia for cross-border education. Plus, we team up with local education authorities to enhance high school experiences through exchange programs, camps, and study trips.

Since 2007, PDVL has been a trusted partner, collaborating with over 100 prestigious universities worldwide. Our goal is to ensure academic excellence by empowering students through international education.

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Why Choose PDVL?

Choosing PDVL for study abroad offers many benefits. It ensures top guidance, enhancing safety and success. PDVL opens global opportunities and provides a competitive edge. You'll gain cultural experiences, becoming confident and worldly. Opting for PDVL shows commitment to excellence in your educational journey.


Comprehensive Support

From initial inquiries to post-departure follow-ups, PDVL offers end-to-end support. Students are guided through each step of the application process with a focus on personal attention and tailored advice.


Established Experience 

With over a decade in the education industry since 2007, PDVL brings proven reliability and effectiveness in guiding students through the complexities of studying abroad.


Admission Success Rate

Our comprehensive support from document preparation to test and interview readiness means our students have higher chances of securing admission to their desired universities.


Strong Network with Universities

Our close relationship with universities and admission officers means we stay updated with any changes of admission requirements, deadlines, scholarships, etc.


Straightforward Applications

Simplify your application process — just submit all documents to us, and we will handle the rest. Totally stress-free.


It’s Completely FREE!

All consultations and guidance services come at zero cost to you!


Recommended by Students & Parents

Our service is highly recommended by both parents and students for its trusted and effective guidance.


Certified & Experienced Counsellors

Our counsellors are not only certified by the British Council but also bring years of hands-on experience – so you know exactly who is guiding and handling your application

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